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An Average Iraqi

An Average Iraqi is just a fictional character whose....well, fictional. I will use this character to make a comparison between him and real human beings like myself or any one else.

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My name is Hassan Kharrufa. I am a 20 year old Iraqi student. I study civil engineering at the Department of Building and Construction at Al-Jami3a Al-Taknologia (The Tecknology Univirsity), Baghdad, Iraq.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

7 Days to the referendum

     I went out last night. Yes LAST NIGHT. I went out at 7:15 PM, and came back at 10:30 PM. The city was empty. Literary empty. No shop was open. The road was all in front of you, no cars in it. The city of ghosts, as Treasure of Baghdad calls it. With most of the outside lights out. The city is engulfed in darkness. The car moves in total darkness, if it wasn't for it's headlights, we wouldn't have figured out the way. Looking in front of me, I could see the shades of the street in front of us, empty. Every now and then, we would see a red or yellow waving light in front of us, signaling an NG checkpoint. Even as they talked nice to you. But you could hear the tension of their voices. At this time of night, some areas of Baghdad, can't be entered by the National Guards or the Americans. I recall that once, a neighbor of ours, had to take his daughter to the hospital at night. She didn't have anything serious, at 12:30 AM they wanted to go home, too dangerous to drive on their own, they ask an NG checkpoint to send a car with them to escort them. They said sure just tell us were you want to go. When they heard the name of the place, they looked at each other, then said: "We don't go there on our own, and you want us to take you there.". They told them to drive fast without any headlights, but that is all, you are on your own.

     Away from politics for a while. I have changed the looks of my side bar, changed the order of the links, and I made them glide. It is not an original idea, I have seen it in other blogs, Fayrouz is one of them. Though it took me a long time, it is weird that when you preview the template, it doesn't look exactly as when you actually save it and use it. Probably updated my blog 10 times this morning. The categorizes of the blogs are original though.

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Blogger Aunt Najma said...

There's something wrong with the links.. Terribly, suspiciously wrong!!
Go check and figure it out before you get yourself in trouble..

4:07 PM  
Blogger Hassan said...


I don't know how I forgot that one... Accident of course....

4:27 PM  
Blogger 24 Steps to Liberty said...

I hope you enjoyed the outing and are willing to do it again. i know Baghdad might seem very dark and ghosty, but i've learned to look up to the sky when i wanted to feel accompanied. try it, we'll all be with you. enjoy your life. life is too short to waste.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous chele said...

oh my I am worried for you..
I can't seem to help it.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Hassan said...


Yes I enjoyed it very much, will right a post about it soon. I'm willing to do it again of course.


Thank you for you feeling. I will be fine, don't worry.

7:00 PM  
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