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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Voting Results Should be Tomorrow

     It's Sunday. Supposedly on Monday the voting results will be announced. Until now partial result of some provinces has been announced, but nothing official. I guess we are all waiting for what the Nineveh province will say. There are 18 provinces in Iraq. If the results in any three of them was more than 66% against the constitution, the constitution will be rejected. Then the whole process will be repeated, and it will be 6 months before another constitution will be presented, which I don't think will be much different from this one. Already two provinces, which are Salah Al-Deen and Al-Anbar has voted against the constitution. Now Nineveh is the only province that could vote either for or against the constitution. The only sure thing is that it will be a close call. No official result has been announced yet, so we still wait.

     Rumors on the Iraqi street say that the constitution will surely pass, and that the government will make sure that happens. No hard evidence whatsoever has been presented yet. But that doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter whether it happened or not, what matters is whether the Iraqi people believe it or not. The Average Iraqi will not go after hard evidence, he will more likely follow the strongest rumor, or his own heart. Which can give the worst results, when people do this and that just because they simply like it, or not. If the constitution passes, the whole thing could end up back firing, instead of doing the good effect I am hoping it will make, thing could really escalate when the Sunnis refuse these results for believing them to be false. My friends tell me that if anyone declares he voted for the constitution in Mosul, he could get himself killed. I haven't asked any of my relatives in Mosul about this, guess I will update this post when I ask them. Now I keep hearing how many people voted against the constitution in Mosul, and that almost no one voted for it, from my relatives. Then how is it a close call after all. If that information is true, how can we really be sure what the people voted, it will be impossible to decide what the result is expected to be, and impossible to estimate the amount of fraud in the results, and whether it is enough to change the result or not.

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Anonymous Chele In {dot} LA said...

Gosh it all sounds so confusing.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were a large number of people who were tasked with observing the polls and counting. Can't we hope they are honorable? The most important next step is the election in December. I hope all Iraqis support candidates who promise to finish the constitution in a way that they agree with, instead of just voting "Party."

9:59 PM  
Blogger Pebble said...

Such never ending intense drama!

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Mark Kilmer said...

Your Electoral Commission said Ninevah went NO by 55%, which is significantly less than the 2/3rds it would have needed to make it the third province to reject the constitution.

You have a constitution which still needs work. A Sunni on the drafting committee calls the vote a "farce." From what you've written, Hassan, it sounds like this will be a popular sentiment among the Sunnis.

Do you think that the parliament is goint to have to make some serious concessions to the Sunnis when amending the constitution to convince the population that they have a voice in the new Iraq? I think the Sunnis have put themselves in a good position to move the constitution more to where they want it.

4:42 PM  
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