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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Referendum Results are In

Note: This post was written by Mad Canuck

Well, the results are in: the constitution passed the referendum in Iraq by a comfortable margin. Nineveh did vote "no", but only with a 55% majority, a full 12 percentage points short of the 67% required to veto the constitution.

Of course, the results were announced late in Baghdad, and the Average Iraqi isn't online right now to write this blog post, so I hope all of you don't mind the Average Canadian filling in for him... :)

As for the rest of Iraq, the referendum had a 63% turnout, and the constitution passed by a wide margin, with over 78% of voters casting a "yes" ballot, and in 11 out of Iraq's 18 provinces (all Kurdish and Shia dominated areas), the votes was over 95% "yes".

While there will undoubtedly be allegations of fraud, the voting and the subsequent counting process was monitored by United Nations observers. Carina Perelli, the chief of the UN Electoral Assistance division said the referendum "has been audited, controlled - it has been done really in a very professional way." UN observers are important in a referendum like this, since they are impartial, and do not have a hidden agenda. The Americans have an agenda - they would prefer to see the constitution pass, since they think this will allow them to bring their troops home sooner, but the UN is the world body that refused to sanction the war in Iraq, and where most member-countries oppose the US presence in Iraq. The UN has nothing to gain either way the referendum result falls, so having them observe the referendum can help guarantee fairness.

Full results by province can be found here.

Hassan is probably having an interesting night. A news reporter contacted him a few days ago and promised to call him after the results were announced to get his opinion on it. So, don't be surprised to hear Hassan's voice coming from your TV set or radio in the next day or two.

Of course, this blog is about the Average Iraqi, and not the Average Canadian, so I'll shut up now and let Hassan fill in the rest of the details and give his opinion on all this tomorrow.

Mad Canuck.


Anonymous 3amo 3adnan said...

3einee , it was approved in 14 out of the 18 provinces , and not 11..Your attempts at marganilizing those who approved the consitution is silly and insulting to those who voted...

Ninawa didnt have the required 2-3rds vote to refuse the consitution

Yalla , inshalah this means a better iraq...we can ammend the consitution later

2:55 AM  
Blogger Mad Canuck said...

Hi 3amo 3adnan:

I'm sorry if I offended you - it was not intentional. My point wasn't how many provinces had majority "yes" votes (there were actually 15, not 14), it was that in 11 provinces, over 95% of the votes (a huge margin) were "yes".

I was actually trying to be neutral and avoid presenting any opinion here in this post - this is Hassan's blog, and I wanted to leave the opinions to him. But I know Hassan and I know the referendum is important enough to him he'd want to have something posted here about it as quickly as possible.

It saddens me that something so minor as my choice of words can stir up such a negative reaction. I hope this type of kneejerk backlash isn't a harbinger of things to come in Iraq.

4:33 AM  
Anonymous chele in [dot] LA said...

Oh wow..
Um hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

7:35 AM  
Blogger Melantrys said...

*wanted to playfully insult the Canuck for doing this very important Iraqi post but rather refrains from that now*

Um, 3amo 3adnan; I haven't read that much from the Mad Canuck yet, but what I read makes it pretty clear that he's not the type of person who just goes around insulting people.
He very much approved of the constitution - and thus a yes vote - and only tried to be neutral here because he knows that a lot of other people - especially Iraqis - did not approve of it.

Eh, whatever.
If Hassan is getting interviewed again, I want a link!
*will pout until she gets her way*

5:33 PM  
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